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Druidic Dawn is a multi-layered international organization providing a wide array of resources to the Druid, Celtic and Earth Based communities. It is not affiliated with any particular Druidic Order, but strives to build "Unity in the Community" and provide a forum for many diverse voices and Paths. Aontacht is the global magazine of the Druidic Dawn and has been regularly published on the Solstices and Equinoxes since 2008. It features interviews and original writings and poetry from many of the world's most active and creative Druids and Earth Based practitioners.

Not only is Druidic Dawn the biggest online global resource about Druid beliefs, practices, organizations, locations, and historical information, but our members have also submitted their personal poetry, music, visual imagery and art, and much more, all illustrating the diversity of what Druidry has been and what it is becoming!

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