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What Is Aontacht?

AONTACHT is a free, full-length magazine dedicated to the diversity of experience and opinions found in the Druidic and Celtic Spiritual communities. Each issue presents a different theme around which our submissions are based ranging from in-depth academic articles to personal accounts, poetry, short stories, artwork, recipes, reviews, and event listings. Aontacht also features a Q&A Interview and a new eco-feature, entitled 'Wild Earth'. 

AONTACHT is global -- because of the internet, our readers hark from all over the world. We represent both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Aontacht is open to everyone; your opinions, feedback and submissions are what make the magazine a success par excellence. The entire publication flourishes thanks to dedicated volunteers and your submissions.

AONTACHT means 'unity' in Irish Gaelic and represents our wish to bring divergent peoples, opinions and paths together into the same dialogue.  Unity does not mean sameness or mono-culture, but a unique harmonization of diversity. We recognise that modern 'Celtic Spirituality' is a diverse community, encompassing a wide variety of practices, traditions, ways of knowing and beliefs. Diversity is a healthy sign of life, be it an ecosystem or a community.


Aontacht is available for download in two sizes. Low-resolution quality is the default download size and is recommended for our readers on dial-up. High-resolution quality is of course the best and is recommended for broadband or faster connections. Downloads are free.

An archive of issues is available here.


Submission Guidelines

Articles, personal reflections, rituals, poetry, prayers, short stories, original artwork, recipes (e.g. food, incense, household remedies, etc.), craft instructions, book and media (e.g. CDs, DVDs, etc.) reviews, advertisements (free at this time), event listings, short earth and eco-related pieces (for our 'Wild Earth' feature), sacred site visit accounts, meditations, guided journeys ... anything original with you!

  • Submit original work only. Essays & articles should be between 1,000-2,000 words (footnotes and bibliography included). There is no word limit for poetry; however, please do not submit epic verse!
  • You may submit multiple pieces. Only electronic submissions are accepted and should be either compressed (.zip/.rar) and attached (preferred for photos & artwork), or pasted into the email body. Document submissions should be in Plain Text (.txt), Rich Text (.rtf) or Microsoft Word (.doc) formats only; Photos/artwork as .jpg or .png.
  • Articles should be relevant to the Celtic and Druidic communities and must match the theme of the issue. All other types of submissions do not have to match the theme, although this is preferable. 
  • Run a grammar/spell check on your work before submittal.
  • Keep work friendly. No racism, bigotry, violence or hatred.
  • Submissions must be emailed to the Aontacht Production Team by the given deadline date. Email submissions to
  • Submissions must be received by the deadline in order to be included. Deadline dates and themes for upcoming issues are advertised well in advance in previous issues. An official Call for Submissions is posted on Druidic Dawn's public forum prior to the deadline--this Call elucidates on the theme and what material we are looking for. 
  • Include a few sentences of biography and a photograph with your emailed submission, if this is your first time. This information is published on our Contributors' Pages (in the issue your piece is published). At the same time, a bio and image are not mandatory for us to publish your submission. If you wish for any reason not to be included on this page, simply let us know when submitting.



The Production Team

To make the volunteers at Aontacht more personal, here is a bit of background for each of our current team members. If you need to contact any of them individually, simply email them with the usual Aontacht email address, but say something like "Attn: *name*" in the subject line. 

Editor:  Vacant: Would you like to lead and direct Druidic Dawn Aontacht magazine into the future! Jointly with leading an enthusiastic production team, who together produce the community magazine for the membership and wider internet readership. Do you have the necessary qualities and the vision; we would like to hear from you.  Please use the feedback form with your details.

Co-Editor:  Dr. Lucie DuFresne received her B.A. in Anthropology from the University
of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC), and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of
Ottawa (ON). Her Master's thesis, The Salish Sxwaixwe in historic Salish society
(1996), deals with the Salish culture of British Columbia, and was built on her research
and work experience in British Columbia.

DD Representative & Production Editor: Nigel Dailey (Astrocelt) resides in North Wales and has a variety of interests ranging from Archaeology, Anthropology, Archaeoastronomy, Astrology, Druidry, History, Mythology and Smallholding. All has been gained while travelling through the journey human beings call 'life'.

'Graphic Designer': Position Available

'Formulary' Feature Editor: Faye Boyd (Fae) has been interested in Nature and all things Celtic for many a year. She is a member of OBOD, Druidic Dawn, Ord Brighideach International, Celtic Reiki Master, Hot Stone Therapist, Guided Meditations and is a spoken word artist. Fae resides in Canada.

'Bardic Whispers' Feature Editor: Sarah Ward (Heddwen)is a Pagan Priestess who lives in the mountains of Mid Wales. She practices an earth based spirituality and enjoys poetry, writing, mask making, belly dancing and walking in the sacred landscape. Sarah is a member of OBOD.

'Wild Earth' Feature Editor: Alison Leigh Lilly resides in the lovely, thrice-rivered city of Pittsburgh, where she lives on the edge of a wooded park with her husband, her cat, her pet frogs and her houseplants. She devotes her time to cultivating a spiritual life founded on peace, poesis, and attentive engagement with the inner and outer landscapes of wildness, wilderness and nature in all its complexity. She explores these themes through essays, poetry and photography, and her work has appeared in a number of publications both in print and online. More information about Alison and her work can be found on her

Acquisition Editor: Lisa Du Fresne is a professional Animal Communicator. She has lectured and conducted workshops on Animal Communication at Pagan conferences and gatherings.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher, a French Canadian Urban Métis Artist and an Ontario Arts Council & Canada Council grant recipient.  Her two feline work mates are Amberfly & Minou Gri Gri. 


Aontacht is completely produced by volunteers. Our Production Team members take their work seriously, as a personal service to the wider Community and Celtic Spirituality. Honourable ethics and professional standards are what we look for in Team members. But also Aontacht is a communal, collaberative project. We need volunteers of all sorts with all types of different skills-- and if you feel the Aontacht vision aligns with your own, and you would like to help in some way, please email us at one of the addresses below. Your contributions make the world of a difference!