Llywelyn Sion


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Llywelyn Sion c.1540-1615


Llywelyn Sion as born at Llangewydd near Bridgend, Llywelyn Sion was a devout catholic and was a copyist of manuscripts and poetry. He has been described as being important due to his systematic methods of recording. Indeed, others were more prolific such as Robert Vaughan of Hengwst within the same period. Nonetheless, his involvement or indeed the actual origin of the manuscripts, which IoIo claimed to have been the source of his Druidic Unitarian system, is doubtful.

The manuscripts that have survived attributed to Llywelyn Sion are seven in total that deal with poetry, one is a genealogy tract, and four-cover pose. His copyist activities have been commented as being very productive during 1585-95. However, his golden years are considered to have occurred during the five years leading up to the turn of the century (1600). Llywelyn Sion Mss are credited to have preserved and recorded the literary extent of Glamorgan during his lifetime. He too produced several long books that dealt with subjects such as Shrewsbury, Llywarch Reynolds and Llanharan.


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October 2003