Pronunciation of Names in the Mabinogi

A rough 25 minute guide how to correctly pronounce main character's names from the Mabinogi, the largest and best known cohesive body of stories in Welsh Tradition. Eadha Deora discusses the relevance of this beforehand, and then carefully pronounces each of the names as well as a bit about the story behind the name. This is part of her Mabinogi discussions, which you can join on the Druidic Dawn forums or on her own website:

Tags: mabinogi, mabinogion, welsh tradition, cymru, wales, welsh deities, brythonic tradition, brythonic deities, oral tradition

Thank you so much; this talk

Thank you so much; this talk was really helpful to me  - Elkie

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Awesome guide!!!

Thanks, Jen, this audio guide has cleared up a number of pronunciation issues for me. When we visited North Wales in late June 2008, I really got a sense of what the land is like, and how it has influenced the language, culture, and daily living.

When people get passionate about their culture, it survives and takes on new vitality, and I have seen clear evidence of this... keep up the good work!

What a gift to the

What a gift to the community! It's so great to see more and more of the Welsh tradition. Thanks for this Eadha!