The Mabinogi Study Group


Created in June 2008, the Mabinogi Study Group came together as a way of discussing the Four Branches of the Mabinogi and similar Welsh tales, not as dry literary dissection but an actual enlivening of the stratas of culture, knowledge and yes, wisdom, found there-in. The group also has a Discussion Forum which you can join. Discussions are first stimulated by relevant questions, and then can go anywhere it wants from there! If you are interested in the Mabinogi, as a pagan, as an academic, or just someone who loves Welsh culture or stories, then this is a good place to join in. All points of view are welcome, as long as they are kind and respectful. The group also explores the Mabinogi through guided meditation and other means, but these boards are hidden unless you join and ask to be upgraded. 

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