Handfasting for our 25th Wedding Anniversary


What This Image Means To Me...: A celebration of our commitment to each other and our families. To me it was more moving then our original wedding ceremony. I made the dress and my husband and his freinds shirts (even though I made it too big for me) We purchased a besom to step over and one of the crones of my grove decorated it. Our HPS officiated. It really was lovely and even the people that came and didn't really understand what a handfasting was before it started really enjoyed it.

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May I join the bunch of

May I join the bunch of well-wishers?! Pob lwc i chi! (Best of luck to you!) Being not 'officially' married myself, my partner and I committed to each other in our own ceremony at home soon after I came to this land of the Mabinogi. And do you know what - it means just as much, if not more, to us. That happened some time before we entered the path into the forest though!




Congratulations to you both, may there be another 25 years!