Lyfr o Cythrawl a Awen / The Book of Chaos and Inspiration by Rob Chapman


Chaos magic meets shamanic reality within the druidic rings of creation.  A blended approach to ritual inspired from druidry!

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This book was written as a chanelling of the Awen, I had a fire in my head and it needed to come out.  It is concise and provides lots of imagery, ideas and concepts to enhance your own practice.



In this book you will find a creative fusion of Druidry and Chaos Magick, inspired writings and ritual. All of this is Necessary, None of it is needed! Julian Vayne, Author of Now Thats What I Call Chaos Magick, says: " Okay perhaps the magick that can be written about is not true magick'', but Rob Chapman comes closer than most to successfully describing the indescribable!


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