Cathedral Rock, Sedona Arizona


What This Image Means To Me...: This is the location of one of the seven major Vortexes located in the red rocks of Sedona Arizona. One of the most beautiful and peaceful places I've ever visited.

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What an awesome and magical

What an awesome and magical place! I can feel the presence of the ancestors there - thanks for sending - Elkie


Fabulous image Copperlion; it gives a sense of peace, quietness and serendipity, would love to stand in the picture within reality sometime!

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What an awesome place, thank you for sharing.


Peace and blessings


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The depth of a soul cannot be measured by what appears on the surface

Wow, beautiful pic Copperlion, I went there in 2005 for the spring equinox, climbed up Cathedral rock, nearly didnt make it down. It's a wonderful place, and some day I hope to go back there and explore more.