Druidic Dawn Storyteller Andy, shares some thoughts on Druids.


Accept all other religions,
Culture and beliefs with an open heart.
Open your mind to their wisdom.
Treat everyone with equality and respect.
See no nation as greater than another nation,
See no god or goddess as more powerful,than any other god or goddess.
Uphold your principles, be prepared to state what you believe.
But remember that not everyone will think you are right.
Respect and listen to their opinon.

There is always someone wiser than you, and something new to learn.
Admit when you are wrong and be prepared to change.
Moderate your extremes and laugh at yourself.
Laugh with others when they laugh at you.
Kind words are more powerful than harsh ones.
Real problem solving only happens when all sides are in agreement,
and friends tend to agree more than enemies.
And accept our friends with an open heart,
no matter what religion, culture or belief they subscribe to.

A Harrop-smith

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