Aontacht, Volume 1 Issue 2 (Autumn - Spring Equinox 2008)

Autumn-Spring Equinox 2008 issue of the Aontacht Magazine
for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres -- 'creating unity in the community'
brought to you by Druidic Dawn and the Aontacht Production Team

This issue's theme: The Brythonic Celts. .... Is being presented from this neighbourhood, and shared with the wider Druid Internet community.

(3.95 MEG .PDF file)

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CalonDdraig's picture

What a fantastic edition -

What a fantastic edition - absolutely fantastic. As always an absolute pleasure to read - can't wait for the next edition!


Hawthorn's picture

Well done everyone

Its so beautifully done, excellent work folks,

A big pat on the back to you all!!

Bright Blessings

Hawthorn x

Fantastic work Oonagh and

Fantastic work Oonagh and all contributors; makes me proud to belong!

lol, you know my Achilles

lol, you know my Achilles heel ;) I'm very proud of DD as well. The way we pull together as a community is fantastic!

Eadha Deora's picture

love it ...

LOVE it!!!! I am SO proud of DD and everyone who has contributed (including myself, goodness). And well done, Chrissy! I might just buy you a Dr. Pepper :p