Ancient Order of Druids - Canterbury Lodge; Local festival 1900ish

AOD Lodge 98 canterbury Lodge.jpg

What This Image Means To Me...: The wonderful heritage that we have in the druid family and the pride that our predecessors had in being a druid (nice stick on beards as well!)

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Yes he was a member of

Yes he was a member of Albion Lodge in Oxford being initiated in 1908. His uncle The Duke of Marlborough (?) was a prominant member of what was a very influebcial lodge in the City.



"May the good deeds of Druids be as numerous as the leaves on the Oak and as pure as the berries on the Mistletoe"

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Wasn't it the AOD that

Wasn't it the AOD that Winston Churchill was a part of in the 20s and 30s? Stick on beards into the bargain?


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Great picture Myth,

It's good to get a sense of our Druidic ancestry, The stick on beards did make me smile though,

Bright Blessings to you