The rider-less horse


What This Image Means To Me...: It was the morning after the night before, the day following a night workshop dedicated to Merlin held in the depths of Broceliande forest. There was a slight mist still hanging around after a period of rain and the ground still wet under foot. We were taking a walk in the woods, the woods that seem so different now, in daylight. Each of us with our own thoughts still processing the events of the previous evening and gently reminded of the legends of Arthur and Merlin. After a time my gaze was guided towards what was in fact an upturned tree root…..but oh so much more. What stood before me was the battle horse of a fallen Knight. Wounded in battle the Knight had guided his horse away from the fray and into the forest and at some point passed out and finally died. His loyal steed still waits by the side of a stream where his master fell….waiting for his return. The stuff of legends.

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the rider-less horse

The magic is in the synchronicity, what an amazing communication from the land John. Thanks so much for sharing - it is quite timely on my own path to see this now also.

spirit and nature

Hi John, and thanks for sharing this photo. Isn't it amazing the way that nature shapes itself to accord with the spirit of the land? Best wishes, Elkie

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Thanks John,

Its a beautiful picture,

I cant believe how much like a horse it really is. Brings back some fond memories.

Like..... BIG dragon, little car lol.

Bright Blessings


Wow! This is brilliant,

Wow! This is brilliant, thanks so much for sharing it :)