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What This Image Means To Me...: A special place of beauty and magic within the Dandenong Ranges, near Melbourne, the sculptured stone gateway leads one into the William Ricketts Sanctuary. It’s matured over the years into something rather special; uniting indigenous concepts of the land with the esoteric, a place to behold and wonder, to be at peace with the land, which calls one to return.

Melbourne, Dandenong Ranges,
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Ricketts Sanctury

The William Ricketts Sanctuary is truely magical, build by the hands of a magician.  The Ranges regularly burn and it is incredibly fortunate that while fires raged all around - just for once they and the Sanctuary escaped.  If you get the chance go and see his work SOON.  The sculptures are of clay.  They have not escaped vandalism and they will inevitably deteriorate.

At a time when representative art is rejected in favour of impressions and emotions it is delightful to see the work of a master who has depicted aboriginal life [and the coming of the Europeans and their placental animals] with a realism that is breathtaking.

WR's totem is the lyre bird and it is beautiful to see the [then] 80 year old sculpter dancing like the lyre bird.  There is a VHS tape - and for now that's all I need - but I hope that there is a DVD somewhere.

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The Bear - when being human becomes too too much.

Oh we love this place! It's

Oh we love this place! It's so holy, and I was lucky enough to meet William three times and he was/is a true mystic. It's home to a spring that unites the yang energies of one mountain peak with the yin energies of another. We call it our 'Centre' and our celebrations take place east, west, north, south, northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest of it. We are ever so grateful that the spring is hidden so that very few people go there and it remains quiet. The Lyrebird also loves this place - Elkie of The Melbourne Grove

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Did you meet him? Wish I had...

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Here's my first post and it

Here's my first post and it takes William Ricketts to do it. Elkie first visited me a few years ago and asked if I'd also like to visit her. I asked if she knew of this place because I wanted to see it. I didn't know then that she lives 15mins away. It's amazing and apart from Darwin and Bathurst Island it is my favourite place in Australia. It's incredibly Druidic. So, so beautiful.....Elaine, Wild Ways. 

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Aboriginal spirituality

That link is wonderful.  It was great to see more of Recketts' work and the pholosophy expressed on the page was beautiful.



Hi Seba,

The sculpture was done by a William Recketts he was alive when I first visted in 1990 and working on one of the figures. However he has since passed on, and its been turned into a scantuary. Apart from the links there is another introduction looking through the eyes of William Ricketts to an aspect of aboriginal spirituality. The best person to talk to on this is Elkie as I understand the Melbourne Grove visits there very regulary.


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I love this.  Do you know who did the sculpture?