Watch the Wheel

Watch The Wheel signifies how the annual turning of the wheel is shown to us, if we choose to watch it.

Imbolc, for me, is probably the most significant individual point in the wheel's travel, as it brings noticeably longer days (even though they are still cold) but eventually spring arrives, bringing the season we know as run-off.

During run-off, we see the moisture that fell as snow throughout the winter slowly melt, initiating a trickle that becomes a brief, spectacular torrent that refreshes our waterways. The land is washed clear of winter and road salt, and the green phase begins anew.

I find this time of year causes me to focus on my long-term plans for the upcoming season.

Playtime: 4.19 minutes

Tags: Druid, Audio, Imbolc, Bardic Wheel

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Many Thanks TB that was brilliant.

Bright Blessings to you and your lovely sprite

Ally xxx

I certainly enjoyed

I certainly enjoyed listening to this TB, have you plans to turn the wheel in music and song?