True Adulthood

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I just started on the "Serious Discussions" board, a thread about Rites of Passage. Having been passing through an initiation of a sorts these last 6 months, I have really been pondering what it means to be an "adult", etc. There's got to be more to it than reaching physical and sexual maturity .... our culture and society very often ignores the spiritual and psychological side of things. 

So in my long inner search, I've come to a conclusion (for now!) that what is really needed is for each and every individual to have a spiritual initiation .... that is, the "Soul" or higher consciousness or whatever you name it of the individual takes over control of the individual's life and the Ego has been addressed, disempowered and integrated into a new more holistic psyche/mind. THIS part of coming of age is VERY often overlooked, and is especially overlooked in our Western cultures, like I said above. So it's no wonder that many adults have stunted growth so to speak. They are still emotionally and spiritually acting like teenagers.

As I step into the weird world of "adulthood", I no longer look with a child's trusting eyes. Actually, I've been in some ways pretty shocked by the behaviour of "adults" who still live as if they are children .. just as hurt, just as squabbling and petty, just as short-sighted and .... shallow (in the sense that they haven't developed any depth to their character or nature). I know this isn't the case of everyone . of course not! But it has just been more "in my face" because of my sensitivity to the question "What does it mean to be an adult". 

Perhaps then, what our world needs are some TRUE adults .... people who have come through the terrors and dark night of the soul, and on the other side, KNOW what life really is about and how to give of themselves for the good of everyone around them, how to be authentic to their core, how to stand up for their truths and happiness, but also not be afraid or shy of pain, discomfort, even death.

So I am appealing to you ... you "adults" out there. What do YOU think it means to be an adult? A TRUE adult? From my heart, I would like to know. 


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