Khatar Song

This song is really about the Khatars, who were killed, men, women, and children by the crusaders because they believed that God is in their hearts, and, like the Druids, they believed that God is tree, stone, man, all living beings... you can also find this track in my CD "My Faery Child", to order it, just send an email to


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Hello, Kevin,   thank you

Hello, Kevin,


thank you so much for your commets. Smile

I just listened to some of YOUR music, since I happen to be in Wales with Caryl & Nigel at the moment, and the compiments are mutual. I think there's a sensitivty to your music that surpasses that of Mike Oldfield, for instance. Hope to see you some day, maybe to an OBOD gorsedd, or something. Brightest blessings, Sosha

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This track is so haunting

This track is so haunting and beautiful. It's amazing. You have a wonderful voice and the minimalist, very well played instrumentation complements it perfectly. A lovely piece of music.