Aontacht, Volume 1 Issue 4 (Spring - Autumn Equinox 2009)

Spring-Autumn Equinox 2009 issue of the Aontacht Magazine
for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres -- 'creating unity in the community'
brought to you by Druidic Dawn and the Aontacht Production Team

The theme this solar quarter is The Continental Celts, which is being presented from this neighbourhood, and
shared with the wider Druid Internet community.

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The newsletter gets better with each addition under the watchful eyes of Oonagh the editor which gathers this together in such a professional way. I would like to thank everyone involved in putting this together, and welcome the community to contribute in anyway with its future additions.

Well done everyone!

Hawthorn's picture


Excellent work everyone.

This was a lovely read and kept my interest which is an absolute miracle as I have rather a limited attention span at the best of times.

"On 25th March, upon the Scottish festival of Latha na Cailliche, the Cailleach will return to her slumber, thus ending her harsh reign. Bride will then be the dominant force of the season"

"I urge you to step outside with Bride, and bask in the warmth of the season. Shake off the Cailleach's grasp and feel Bride's fair white hands ushering in the spring."

Oh Treasa... your words have such a poetic air about them. It just inspires me to just get out there and celebrate the festival and the coming of spring.

The Interview and articles are very interesting and I am definately going to have a go at the recipes.

Many thanks again to the team and all your hard work.

Brightest blessings