The Celtic Heroic Age

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Author: Edited by John T Koch and John Carey

Publisher: Celtic Studies Publication, Aberystwyth

ISBN Number: 1-891271-09-1

Publication Date: 15 August 2003

Reviewed by: Astrocelt


A large collection of source material of past observations and opinions from its prime literary form has been gathered together, edited by John T Koch in collaboration with John Carey. Expertly presented in a single volume although first published in 1994 and presently in its fourth, revised, expanded and updated edition speaks volumes in itself.  

Whatever one’s interest is relating to the Celts or Druids ‘The Celtic Heroic Age.’ has possibly something of value to all interested parties. Commencing from the early classical sources from both Greek and Romans, to Ireland, and the Hiberno-Latin texts, are joined together, with the Brytonic and Brytonic-Latin sources. All translated and placed in the English Lanuage.

The whole presentation is very accessible and readable; one might traverse along the centuries of available surviving human thought, from cover to cover. Alternatively one might just dip into specific areas of interest and back out again. Either method of use does not subtract from the whole and the accessibility of its contents.

If one has every wondered what the original texts stated when referred too in the large body of associated Celtic and Druid material that has become available in the last thirty years.  Answers to those questions become possible with this and its past editions.  

A compendium for any Celtic history buff, a worthy resource, which I personally would recommend.

The Celtic Heroic Age, John T Koch, John Carey,
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