Prime Sources

Black Book of Carmarthen (NLW Peniarth Ms 1) circa 1250

Gerant fab Erbin

White book of Rhydderch (NLW Peniarth Mss 4 & 5) circa 1350

Pwyll vrch Llyr
Branwen verch Llyr
Manawydan vab Llyr
Math vab Mathonwy
Peredur vab Evrawc [c. 1350]
Breudwyt Maxen Wledic [dated c. 1220-1309]
Chwedyl Gereint vab Erbin- Culwch and Owain [c. 1100's]

Red Book of Hergest (Oxford Jesus Coll. Ms 111) circa 14th Century

Gerant fab Erbin
Culhch ac Olwen - Culhch and Owain [c. 1100's]
Geriant ab Erbin
Owain: Chwedl iarlles y ffynonn - Owain: The tale of the Lady of the Spring
Paredur ab Efrawg - Peredur ab Efrawg [1350]
Reuddwyd Rhonabwy - Dream of Rhonabwy [dated c. 1220-1309]

Secondary Sources (Books)

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Guest C. Lady, Mabinogion, Landovery 1849 vol. I, II & III

Guest, C, Lady, Mabinogion, Dover 1997 unabridged

Gruffydd, W.J., Rhiannon: An inquiry into the origins of the first and third branches of the mabinogi, University of Wales Cardiff 1953

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M. Stephens & R.B. Jones, The Mabinogi, Uni of Wales Press 1992 (trans)

Proinsias Mac Cana, Mabinogi, University of Wales Press, Cardiff 1992

Scholars Studies (Papers in Journals)

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