Brodgar Sunset from the Comet Stone.

BW Comet Stone Sunset.JPG

What This Image Means To Me...: On a recent visit to Orkney - one of the most spiritual places I know due to the number of Neolithic sites - I was fortunate to witness the glory of the Ring of Brodgar in almost perfect 'Orkney' weather; although very blustery the sun was 'a-shining'! This image, a tantalising teaser from a collection of many, is from my second visit that day, and captures the sun setting behind Brodgar and almost beyond the reach of the Comet Stone from where it was taken. I would encourage and applaud everybody to make a pilgrimage to Orkney and the Ring of Brodgar - there is no spiritual experience quite like it, regardless the weather.

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Fabulous piccy very atmospheric.

Bright Blessings