House of Danu Druid Gorsedd, Lughnasadh, 2009, California


What This Image Means To Me...: The bards, ovates and druids of central and northern California are really excited about this! There is going to be a panel discussion on Friday night with Philip, John Michael, and Isaac. Please come to the website to see pics of where we are doing this. On the outside chance that anyone of you can make it there, I am sending this the day after I received the banner, in hopes that leaves you enough time to make arrangements. You can register online at the HoD web site. Bendithion mwyaf ddisglair i chi! Brian y Tarw Llwyd Ovate of Llwyn Swynedig House of Danu OBOD

druid gorsedd danu california festival lughnasadh carr-gomm greer bonewitz
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