Did Jesus study mysticism in southwest England?


From the examiner.com; a short article from Laura Harrison McBride investigating whether the Druids assisted in Jesus education.

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Origin: http://www.examiner.com/x-895-DC-Ireland--UK-Travel-Examiner~y2009m4d10-Did-Jesus-study-mysticism-in-southwest-England

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Yep it is of interest, problem is little academic work has been done in this area as far as I'm aware. Indeed there is some information available with suspected Phoniciean evidence in Cornwall, but its all speculative as no one else has bothered to take it further at the moment. This kinds of tie in with the forum thread Family tradition out of the Closet - Help?


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Fascinating subject -

Fascinating subject - interesting article. However, I would like to see some sources/critique from others with such an interest, and a more developed academic approach. Selling Cornwall's tourism to the world is great, but I'm more interested in seeing some peer-reviewed argument!Wink~CalonDdraig