An Atlas for Celtic Studies

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Author: John T Koch

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN Number: 978-1-84217-309-1

Publication Date: 2007

Reviewed by: Astrocelt


The Atlas for Celtic Studies: Archaeology and Names in Ancient Europe and Early Medieval Ireland, Britain, and Brittany; authored by John Koch in collaboration with Raimund Karl, Antone Minard and Simon Ó Faolàin.

This is a comprehensive reference book which gives one the ability to come up to date with the thinking in academic circles on what is known about the Celts. Presented within the pages is a unique reference atlas which graphically illustrates the find spots of Celtic artifacts together with illustration of the movement of people we know linguistically as Celts.

This book contains 64 large colour maps which stand with concise explanatory text which includes theoretical discussions and an invaluable bibliography. There is a strong tendency to agree this is ‘an essential work for any one studying the Celts.’

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