A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine

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Author: Ellen Evert Hopman

Publisher: Destiny Books

ISBN Number: 978-159477230-6

Publication Date: June 2008

Reviewed by: Admin


A personal review by Caryl D. Dailey, Cymru

All Druidic hearted folks of the trees’ will find this cornucopia of all things ‘Tree Related’

Ogham, the ‘Language of the Trees’ is given a simple and honest interpretation with leeway for circumspect and argument. As with all Druidic connections that have been gleamed from murky historic depths, the best approach is from a philosophical standpoint, as research has shown the interpretation of Ogham is as diverse as the location of King Arthur’s seat, but no less interesting for that.

Each of the twenty trees discussed has a tempting read of history, herbal uses and spiritual aspects, enough to get a latent tree enthusiast a good point of inspiration, although the information is not written in great depth, and there is no detailed botanical description, either in words or pictures, there is a satisfying curiosity to keep the pages turning.

The chapters covering Druidic magic, magical tools and magical arts are rather mundane and often seen in comparative publications, but reassuring nevertheless. The first festivals are given an enjoyable comprehensive coverage with plenty of ideas and information to enthuse celebrants. A pity the inter-connecting festivals were not included to provide an understanding of the whole wheel of life and its trees. The final section of the book on Ogham divination using the previously mentioned trees, is greatly interesting and idea provoking for all those seeking a personal mystical connection in arboreal activities.

Overall this book is an excellent source of the many and varied wonders exuding from the world of trees. The presentation is most attractive with a final flourish of useful pronunciation guides, general notes and bibliography.  I recommend ‘A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine’ as a very worthy addition to the Druidic minded person’s library. Especially if it sat snugly on the shelf between Ellen Evert Hopman’s ‘Tree Medicine, Tree Magic’ and ‘A Druids Herbal’ for a comprehensive collection of excellent resources on the wonder of trees.

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