Andromeda - The Maiden or Princess


This constellation is located 20 to 55 degrees north of the Equator. Alternatively it is situated at one hour right ascension and 40° north declination. Various names exist to recognise the Andromeda constellation within cultures. This constelation contains the fixed stars of Alpheratz, Mirach and Alamac. Andromeda is a galaxy (M31) which is about 2,000,000 light-years away.

Fixed Stars

Alamac: A binary star, which is located on the left foot; various names available, Alamak or Almach all refer.

Alpheratz: Located within the head, a binary star the northern night sky. When viewed its likely to be pulsating between two colours.

Mirach: Located within the belt of the figure often referred to as the girdle, the name probably derives from the Arabic Mi'rax.

Western Mythologies


The name Lilimu or Bell Wether, was applied to what is now known as Andromeda. Together with the constellation being related to the goddess Ishtar.


Constellation related to the goddess Astarte



The present name has been handed down from the Greek myths, which relates Andromeda to the daughter of Cephus king of Cassiopidies. Andromeda was originally promised to her uncle Phineus in marrage. However Neptune sent a sea monster which drowned the country and generally caused havoc. This was due to resentment of his nymphs had against Cassiopea as she had boasted being fairer than Juno anf the Nereides. The oracle of Jupiter Ammon was consulted and nothing could paciify the anger of Neptune, unless the beautiful Andromeda should be exposed to the sea monster. She was chained to a rock near Joppa (now jaffa, Syria), and at the moment of the sea monster was to devour her. Pereus who was returning through the air having defeated the Gorgons on pegasus, saw her, and was captivated by her beauty. He promised to deliver her and destroy the monster if Cepheus would give her to him in marriage, Cepeus agreed and Pereus instantly changed the sea monster to stone through showing it the head of Medusa which was reeking in his hand. This action enraged Phinies who opposed and a violent battle errupted, in which he too was turned to stone by the Gorgons head.



European Indigenous Mythologies

"Q" Celts


an Iolar

"P" Celts



Michael Bayley speculates andromeda becomes the yoke by which Hu Gadarn or Hu the mighty of affanc fame harnessed the oxen to the bull to pull the anffac out of the Beaver Pool. If this is so than it's suggested it would also taken a positon within the constellations of, "the she goat on the charioteer shoulders at Capella, with the star below called the kids. He further says, "In early ploughing one man manoeuvres the plough while another drove the oxen. It may well be that aquira was the caller or ox driver of the group consisting of Bootes, the Plough, Aquriga and the bull."

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