Bootis - The Birdsman/ploughman

Bootis - Alternative names-Birdsman,The Ploughman, Herdsman and Wagoner


Bootis is located above and in between Corona Borelais and Cor Caroli, the greyhounds. Another name in which this constellation was known within Greece was Lycon. However the important fixed stars within Bootes are Arcturus, Princeps and Siginus.

Fixed Stars

Arcturus: A first Magnitude star, located within the left knee, the name derives from the Greek word Arktourus indicating they may have know this star as the "Bear-guard or Bear Watcher". There have been a variety of names through the ages; the Egyptians knew it as Bau, Alchameth, Azimech and Al-Simk.

Princeps: This star is set in the club or spear shaft. Although Ptolemy does not name this star, within the Chinese system it becomes associated to one of the Seven Princes.

Siginus: This star takes up the position on the left shoulder of the huntsman.

Western Mythologies





This constellation has various myths attached to Bootes, one which relates it to Icarius the Athenian who was taught by Dyogonies how to turn the grapes into wine. Arcas is also associated after nearly killing his mother, she then transformed him into a bear.



European Indigenous Mythologies

"Q" Celts


"P" Celts



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