Canis Major - Greater Dog Star


Fixed Stars

Siris: A binary star which pulsates between blue and white, its distance is about 8.6 light-years. It too has a partner which is known as Siris B which is a white dwalf star.

Western Mythologies



This contellation which they called Sothis related to Siris was carefully observerd by Eygptians as its hellica rising was associating with the swelling waters of the Nile. its subsequant rising on the horizon warned them of the flooding of the river this occured when the constellation appeared in the east befor the morning star.



One of Orions hounds associated with the Huntsman, but its also attributed to Cephalus who received this dog from Aurora on the merit of his speed. Cephalus tested his speed by placing it in a race against a fox. The fox was then considered to be the fasted running animal at the time. Both the fox and the dog ran for days without either one gaining the advantage on the other. Jupiter was so impressed at the dog it was honoured by bing placed within the night heaven.


European Indigenous Mythologies

"Q" Celts


"P" Celts



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