Cepheus - The king or husband of Cassiopeia


NGC 188a star cluster in Cepheus, the oldest known open cluster, is 8,000,000,000 or 9,000,000,000 years of age.

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The origin of this constellation derives from the king of Ethiopia, Cepheus, his queen was Cassiopeia and daugther Andromedia wha was later betrolled to Pereus. Cephus was one of the argonaughts who accompanied Jason in the quest for the goldern fleece.

It has been suggested that due to this Cepheus was placed in the heavens, and that not only this, but all the ancient constellations relate to the Argonaught expedition or people related to it. It has been noted that Musaeus, one of the argonaughts was the first Greek who made the cellestrial sphere, he would naturally associate those figures connected to the expedition to the stars. Subsequentlywe have the Goldern Ram, the ensign of the ship in which Phryxus fled to Colchia, the scene of the argornaughts achievements. We have also the Bull tamed by Jason, the twins, Castor and Pollax, two saliors. with their mother Leda in the form of a swan, and Argo, the ship itself; the watchful dragon, Hydra with the cup of Medea; and the ravans upon its carcase as an emblum of death; Chiron and Master of Jason with the alter and sacrifices; Hercules, the Argonaut, with his club, his dart and vulture, with the dragon, crab and lion which he slew; and Oepeua, ne of the company with his harp. All these refer to the Argonauts.

Again we have Orion, the son of Neptune or, as some say the grandson of Minos, with his dog and hare and river and scropion. We have the story of Perscus in the constellation of that name as well s in Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Andromeda and Cetus; that of Calisto anf her son Arcas, in Ursa MAjor that of Icarius, and his daughter Erigonie, in Bootes and Virgo. Uras Minor relates to one of the nises of Jupiter Auriga, to Erichtonius, Ophiuchus of Phorbas, Saggittarus to Crolus the son of one of the Muses; Capricorn, to Pan and Aquarius to Ganymede. We have also Aridine's crown, Bellerophon's horse, Neptune dolphin, Ganaymede's eagle, Jupiter goat with her kids, the asses of Bacchus, the fishes of Venus and Cupid, with there parent the southern fish. These according to Deltoton comprise of the Grecian constellatons mentioned by the poet Aratus, and all relate remotely or immidiately to the Argonauts.


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