Eridanus - The River Po


A southern constellation

Fixed Stars

Alpha Eridani: Brightest star in Eridanus and one of the 10 brightest stars in the sky. It lies about 60 or 70 light-years from the Earth.

Western Mythologies






Eridanus is the name of the river Cisapine in Gaul and the constellation is relative to Phaeton who was the son of Phobus and Clymene and favored by Venes who in turn entrusted him with the care of her temples. This favour of the goddess made him vain and he sought from his father a public and incontestable sign of tenderness, that should convince the world of his origin. Phobus after some deliberation made an oath that he would grant him whatever he required, and no sooner was the oath uttered he requested the wished to guide the Sun's bright chariot in the sky, for a day. Phobus informed Phaeton of the damgers, but all in vain, so he undertook the journey alsa the direction given by his father was forgotton. Phaeton received the reins and then showed his ignorance in the way he guided the charriot. The flying course became insensible due to the confusion of the driver, and immidiately departed from it usual track. Phaeton repented too late of his rashness, and already haven and earth were threatened with a universal conflagration as the consequences, when Jupiter perceiving the disorder of the horses, struck the driver with his thunderbolt and lured him headlong from heaven into the river Erdanus. His body consumed with fire was found by the nymphs of the river who honoured him with a decent burial. His siter mourned his passing and Jupiter changed her into populars. Subsequently the tears in which the popular shed turns to amber.



European Indigenous Mythologies

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Sky river- Eridanus


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