Venus in Mythology

Western Mythologies


Depending on the city states which had there own individual dieties Venus was also Nabu.

Babylonian city states: Chalda

Venus associated with the goddess Ishtar who hearld the coming of Dawn. Overall the planet was connected in a triad with the sun and moon.


Venus became known as Benu




Venus related to the goddess Anahita


Venus to the Greeks, was known under the names of Astarte which later became associated with Aphrodite. However the planet apperance as a morning star associated her to Phosphoros, but as an evening star it became Hespros.


Venus was a late comer to Rome, her cult was introduced by Julia Caesar religious, and became later associated with Aphrodite of the greeks inclusive of the mythology which also surrounds her. Astronomically two divinity names became applied to the planet. Venus as a morning star which herald the rising Sun was known as Lucifer, the bringer of light. As an evening star venus became Vesper


ÅAthtar, associated with Venus and corresponding to the Mesopotamian Ishtar. ÅAthtar had superseded the ancient supreme Semitic god Il or El, whose name survives nearly exclusively in theophoric names (names derived from or compounded with the name of a god; for example, Herodotos, meaning “given by Hera”). ÅAthtar was a god of the thunderstorm, dispensing natural irrigation in the form of rain. When qualified as SharYq(n, “the Eastern One” (possibly a reference to Venus as the Morning Star), he was invoked as an avenger against enemies. source brit religion

European Indigenous Mythologies

"Q" Celts


In the 7th century Venus which appeared as ether a Morning star was refered to as Licifer and Bosferus. Alternatively as the evening star, it became Vesperugo and Vesperus.

"P" Celts




Depending on the region the morning star was considered eithe male or a female named Auseklis in Latvian. As we have seen the mythology will also vary specically if the Moon, Meness found the daughter of Saule interesting thus inticing his attention from the Sun being Saule. In the other case (Lithuanian) when Auseklis is regionally considered to be a male where no relationship occurs.

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Auseklis is the Latvian name

Auseklis is the Latvian name for the Morning Star, and is a masculine name. Ausrine is the Lithuanian Morning Star.