Orion - The Hunter


Orion is located southwest of Taurus, it is an impressive sight in the night sky as the equinoctial passes through its centre.

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Western Mythologies


This constelation was known under the name of Mul.sopa-zian-na which translates as the true shepard of Amu.





Orion the son of Neptune and Queen Euryale, she was a famous amazon huntress who possessed the disposition of her mother. Sunsequently Orion became the greatest hunter of the world where he boasted that he could concur any animal. To punish his vanity a scorpion sprung up from the earth and bit his foot and subsequently died. At the request of Dianna he was placed in the constellations directly opposed to scorpio that caused his death. However others say that Orion was the gift of the gods to a peasant Boeotia as a reward of piety who was invested with the powere of walking over the seas without getting his feet wet! Overall he was great in statue and strength which suppressed all mortals. Skilled in the working of Iron from which he built the subterranean palace for Vulcan; he too walked the coasts of Scilly and built a temple to its gods.

Orion was promised to the daughter of Enopion but he was unwilling to give up his daughter and contived to use intoxications on Orion who then put out his eyes when he was asleep on the seashore. Orion realising that he was now blind awoke was drawn by the sound of a forge where he placed one of the workman on his back. Through his directions he was guided to a place where the rising sun was seen to great advantage. Here he turned his face towards the Sun and immediately recovered his sight and hasened to punish Enopion.



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