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Perseus was the son of Jupiter and Danae, He was no sooner born when he was cast into the sea with his mother, but was driven to the coast on the island of Cyclades by the sea and rescued by fisherman. Perseus was then presented to Polydectes the king who treated them with grat humanity, later tobe entrusted with the care of the Prists of Minerva's temple. Perseus rising courage and genies soon made him a favorite of the gods. At a great feast on the island when all the nobles were to be present where expected to present the king with a horse. But as Perseus owed his benifactor much, engaged in bringing the king Madusa head. Medusa was the only one of the three Gordons who was subjected to mortality where as Stheno and Euryales was not. They were representated with Serpents as hair on there heads, having yellow wings and brazen hands, their bodies grew indissoluby together covered with inprenetable scales and their looks had the power to turn the onlooker into stone.

Perseus drew assitance from Pluto, the god of Hades who lent his helmet enpowering its wearer to become invisable. Minerva the goddess of wisdom contributed a buckle which acted like a mirror. Whereas Mercury gave Perseus wings for his feet and a dagger made of Diamonds. Once equipt Perseus took to the air with the aid of Menerva he travelled to Hyperboria where the gordons were asleep. GHe then perceeded to remove Madusa head with one blow of Mercury dagger. The noise then woke up the sisters from there slumber but pluto helmet rendered Perseus invisable so any pursuit was fruitless. The destruction of Medusa rendered the name Perseus immortal and he was changed intothe constellation at his death with Medusa head by his side.


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