Meilyr Brydydd c.1081-c.1137

The main interest about Meilyr Brydydd apart from being associated to the court of Gruffud ap Cynan was that held the position of pencredd. It would appear that from Meilyr derives a family lineage of heritage bards, although a traditional link up to Meilyr Brydydd is fraught with uncertainty at present. However bardic knowledge and tradition is passed within the lineage to Gwalchmai. It interesting to note although the Bardic craft doesn't see themselves as Druids as described in the classical recorded sense. There could be similarities seen in its knowledge was transmitted and passed down orally within a family linage.

The Bardic poetry produced during this period reflected the awareness and appreciation of nature and its many facets. Indeed overall there was a new sprit which was changing the consciousness of European humanity which also affected the poetic orders.


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Original September 15, 2003

Last Updated August, 2005