Dafydd ab Ednmwt fl. 1450-97

Dafydd ab Edmwnt was originally from Hammer in Flintshire, a uchelwr who was a freeman within Welsh fedual society, along with being a professional bard. He too is a recognised pencreddiaid who passed on the craft to his pupil Tudur Aled.

Dafydd ab Ednmwt won the chair at Carmarthen in 1450 at an Eisteddfod held by Gruffud ap Nicholas. This was achieved through the poetic style of a cywydd on the Trinity. The style he used provided a model in which the 24 mitres with its complexities became the later standard form of poetry. However bardic controversy arouses surrounding the awarding of the chair to him. Indeed Llawdden a Glamorgan bard did not accept this lightly, subsequently the eisteddfod bardic competition was held again. Once again Dafydd ab Ednmwt was awarded the chair. The morgannwy bards had difficulty accepting the outcome, apart from not accepting the new style of metres, it remained an issue. This continued and was raised in the 16th century by Simwnt Fycan; and again in the early 18th century by the Glamorgan bard Walter Davies (aka Gwallter Mechain).


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