Simwnt Fycan

Simwnt Fycan was a native from Llanfair Dyffrn Clwyd, he studied under the pencredd of Gruffudd Hiraethog. His recognised contribution is the adjustment of the earlier grammar of Einion Offeriad along with the 'Llfr cerddwaiseth - Five books of Minstrelsy' in 1570 (Lewis 1997, 87). Simwrt was an active commentator on the Carmarthen 1450 Eisteddfod bardic controversy. He uses this event as being confirmation concerning the re-arrangement of metres in accordance to Dafydd ab Edmwnt who won the chair.

Overall Simwnt Fycan gained his master craftsman licence at the Caerwys Eisteddfod in 1567, along with Lewis ab Edwards, William Llyn and Owain Gwynedd.


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