Society of Ancient Briton's


A brief look at the Society of Ancient Britions and whether they affected the revival of early Druidism in Wales.

The Ancient Briton's become established in 1715 in London. Its founder is not known although its been suggested this may be Thomas Jones from Bridgend, Glamorgan. The society existence was a reaction to sentiment within London concerning accusations of Jacobitism,, and subsequent rumours circulating in the city concerning ex patriots from Wales. The Ancient Britons were formed to demonstrate there loyalty to the crown also to safeguard welsh patriots. The Ancient Britons later receive royal patronage from the Prince of Wales.

Overall the membership to this society was restricted and benefited those who could financially afford to attend, its annual dinner held on March 1st to celebrated St. David's day. The feast also came with a sermon however surplus funds raised by the society, through this function, together with collections from various churches became reinvested in charitable endeavors. In the main, the ancient Britons’ had links with the Welsh Trust and SPCK who benefited. So did others, who had settled permanently with the financing of a charitable school in Ashford, Middlesex in 1718. Overall the society shared the views of the period encouraging enlightenment through its charitable endeavors.

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