People and the Sky: Our Ancestors and the Cosmos

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Author: Anthony Aveni

Publisher: Thames and Hudson

ISBN Number: 978-0-500-05152-8

Publication Date: May 2008

Reviewed by: Astrocelt


Although one might consider this not to be a book relating to the Celts, as it covers a wide spectrum of cultures. Nonetheless, ‘People and the Sky; our Ancestors and the Cosmos‘, should interest the modern Druid. Seeing that classical authors indicated Druids held knowledge about the stars.  

Nonetheless, written in a very entertaining and readable style, exploring how the view of the night sky affects different aspects of humanity from around the world. Ever wondered how the cosmos is woven into mythology creation myths? Or how early hunters and gatherers including farmers used the stars in the cosmos to guide their earthly pursuits. Even the art of indigenous and classical time keeping methods were achieved, or how the people in Oceania navigated across open seas successfully by the use of star Knowledge.  To the construction of homes and cities once built in sympathy and harmony with cosmic phenomena, bringing subtle understanding allowing communities members to walk in a sacred manner, in balance and harmony, knowingly or otherwise. This is just a little of the cosmic feast which Professor Anthony Aveni has shared within his published work, many more delights concerning the Sky awaits its earth bound reader and observer.

Anyone interested in the Cosmos, and how it has been shaped by human minds, from various regional cultures over time. Albeit for practical, religious, sacred and scientific purposes, this publication is indeed recommended.

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