Gwyneddigion Society


The Gwyneddigion Society was formed by ex welsh patriots in London during the later parts of the 18th century. Its prime mover wa to encourage and preserve the the welsh culture. However membership was restricted to those who originated from North Wales although there was one exception to this rule......

Formed jointly by Robert Jones and Owen Jones (Owen Myfyr) in 1770, although the activities centred on London they were later to have an impact on Wales. Various criteria existed concerning membership; as it was restricted to those welsh people in London whom had ancestry connected to North Wales. However an exception to this rule was Edward Williams (IoIo) from Glamorgan whom gained a society membership.

All communication during meetings were undertaken in cymreag/welsh additionally the love of the Harp and its music was also desirable. The society main interest was the cultural pursuits supporting various provincial esteddfodau such as Corwen (1789) and Caerwys (1798). It held specific responsibility as they became responsible for issuing licences to harpers and poets. In effect this gave them the position to act as recognised professional Bards. Another area of the society interest was the aim to promote Welsh literature along with its publication and those of manuscripts uncovered by its Society members.

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