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The Welsh Text Society was an off shoot from the London Cymmrondorion Society amd its Abergaveny Branch. The main purpose of this society was the sourcing and preservation of Welsh Manuscripts. Specifically at time which related to the revivial of Druids within its culture.

Founded by the Abergaveny Society of Cymmrondorion The Welsh Text society went on to publish various books relating to manuscripts recovered concerning Welsh culture. Some dealt with interpretations of the manuscripts within the bardic tradition revival period. This period was championed by the gentry and artisans. Additionally it walked hand in hand with the antiquarian or humanistic movement; subsequently some of the publications produced have to be carefully handled when undertaking research.


Books Published by the Welsh Text Society include: -

 W.J., Rees (Ed), Liber Landavenisi 1840
 Dwnn, L., Heraldic Visitations, 2 vols. 1846 Sammuel Rush (ed)
Williams, T, The IoIo Manuscripts, 1848
 Rees, J., Lives of the British Saints,
 Annles Cambriac 1856
 Burt y Tywysogyon 1860
 Williams J (ed) Pughe J. (trans), Physicans of the Myddfai 1861
 William, J., Barddas,  vol 1. 1862
  William, J., Barddas,  vol 2. 1862


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