Summer Solstice Public Ritual!


Order of the Sacred Oaks,Sacred Oak Grove & Silver Birch Grove.

Summer Solstice Public Ritual! Alban Heruin. A True Pagan Celebration!

ATTENTION All Druids, Pagans, Wiccans and Sun Worshipers  – The Order of the Sacred Oaks, Sacred Oak Grove and Silver Birch Grove are presenting a public Summer Solstice Ritual to be held Saturday, 20th  June, 2009  in Laurelhurst Park, rain or shine.  Come and help celebrate Sol Invictus, the Sun at the height of His power.  The ritual will be timed to reach its peak at High Noon so come early (10 - 11ish Pagan Standard Time) and help stake out the space! Look for the banners.  Robes (sorry, as much as we would like, no skyclad), finery, clan banners and musical instruments encouraged. 
Groups welcome to attend en masse.  Full details available at Moonshadow, 3352 SE Hawthorne, or call 503-235-5774, or contact either the Sacred Oak or Silver Birch Groves.

Please announce the following as many times as conveniently possible between now and the 20th June, 2008. Also please feel free to pass it on to anyone whom you think could give it wide (any!) exposure.  Your support is much appreciated and we will be sure to mention it at the event.

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