Gŵyl Canol Haf / Midsummer Ritual


Our Gŵyl Canol Haf ritual this year is turning out to be a first for Cylch Blodeuwedd, because it will be our first over-night ritual ever! This ritual will be held at Trigonos (http://www.trigonos.org/) in the Nantlle Valley, Gwynedd, North Wales on the 20th-21st June 2009. The seasonal focus for this festival is, of course, the height of Summer!

The person heading the Ritual Day this time around is Gillian, our Grove Mother.

We will be meeting at around 6 PM the Saturday evening (20th June) and spending the evening celebrating with feasting, games, singing, dancing, music and any other entertaining, artistic contributions (and all contributions very gratefully received). A midsummer bonfire outside is also a possible option--weather and wood-supply depending.

Overnight accommodation comprises a choice of either bringing a sleeping bag/camp bed and sleeping on the meeting room floor, dormitory style all together; or as an alternative, for those who wish, private bedrooms may be rented from Trigonos (if anybody would like to do this, please let me know in good time so we can arrange it with Trigonos).

For those of us who wish to do so, there is the option of getting up at about 3:30 AM and going down to the lakeside to wait for the midsummer dawn and sunrise, which should be appearing from behind Snowdon itself. This will be the time for quiet meditation and reflection and the deeper aspects of the whole ritual. 

Later, we will all join together in a hearty communal breakfast before dispersing back to our homes to probably return to bed, and the rest of our interrupted night's sleep. 

Because this event is not being held at a member's household, we have to charge roughly 4.50 each for attendance. Otherwise, the entire event is bring and share!

This celebration promises to be extremely special, spiritually nourishing and wonderfully enjoyable. I really do hope that as many of you as possible can join us to help celebrate this very sacred time.

For more information about us, visit our website:  http://www.cylchblodeuwedd.co.uk OR email me at jenn[at]cylchblodeuwedd.co.uk

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