Are you interested in contributing to a simple Declaration of Druidic Values?

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In response to this  Poll,

In response to this Poll, we invite everyone to contribute towards a Decleration of Basic Druid Values. We look forward to contributions from individual Druids and Groups to make this truly representative document.

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Count me in!

Defo!  I have the belief that the different branches of Druidry can find a common ground, that trunk that will stay firm, whilst the branches continue growing and expanding. Searching for commodalities and definition of common values and goals do not mean to rise dogmas, nor to not taking care of our individual and interior growing.  And it also prevent from racists and fascist "druids" to go around claiming loud their intolerance message.

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Seeing beyond, not just fears, but also ourselves

Seeing beyond fears of "dogma" - One of the things I've noticed is that
some people seem to have a fear of the words "values" or "ethics"
because they feel those will become "dogma" and then that will turn
into something many folks came onto this path to get away from:
dogmatic institutions that try to tell people how to think, act or
worship. Sharing common values does not need to infringe upon a
person's autonomy.  Who knows, it might strengthen a person's
confidence knowing that others on the path share some of the same

Yes, you've expressed that well! At the same time, I am not sure why people are fixating on the external here while potentially (although not entirely) ignoring the development of interiority and holism. 

Although a Declaration of Druidic Values could indeed, if all Druids out there handled it in a mature way (and sorry, but past experience must tell you that they won't), act as a comfort, a way of bringing fellow thinkers together, and strengthen individual confidence ...

At the same time, by doing this, we (perhaps unconsciously) differentiate ourselves from the rest of humanity. I am a Druid and you're not. I certainly don't think that is the message we are trying to send out, at all, except for perhaps the rare insecure individual seeking to bolster their ego in claims .... BUT I can guarentee that people out there will take it as such. Not that we can help that I suppose.

Ok. So we write down what we all consider to be Druidic values held in common, but what then? What would we do with it? Pat ourselves on the back that we are not alone? This is valid, but also something that eventually needs to be grown out of. There won't always be a community patting us on the back and telling us, Yeah you fit in! 

Or maybe we share it with people who don't have a clue what the heck Druidry 'is'? Enormously useful!!! But also, exclusive. It is definitely important to be clear in the beginning when you start off, what is what, but there are NUMEROUS books out there aleady which go into great detail and intellectual depth about Druidic Values, as they are considered, by multiple different individuals. All of these are various attempts at finding the 'core truths' or 'core values' common in Druidry. This has its merit to begin with, but quickly grows old. 

All we ever seem to do on Druid boards is rehash over and over and over and over again what is Druidry,  what it means to be a Druid, who are we, what are we doing. WHY must we continually ruminate over our own bellybuttons instead of actually getting off our backsides and BEING Druids. It sounds to me like everyone in Druidry is actually discontent. That's why there's talk of Unity,  of trying to be something more.

The Druids were often called the People of Peace (in Gaelic). Yet Peace is ironically the last thing we have in Druidry. Is this perhaps because we do not feel at peace with ourselves as individuals first?!?! 

We are NOT going to find that satisfaction as spiritual seekers outside us as individuals. It takes one person at a time, digging deep within, to find out personal core truths, personal authenticity, personal peace and inner union, ,long before we can even begin to apply that to the larger community, let alone the larger Earth community.

Instead of focusing on Druidic values, we should be more concerned with developing greater inner depth,  greater inclusive integration.  We should stop the intellectual masturbation and actually become the individuals we are wondering or think we are. Druidry can be a pathway into that individuality... Druidry is, in the long run, not the end goal. 

What is the whole point of following a Druidic path to begin with? I like it because it encourages me into greater individuality through transformation and inspiration. To become a Druid is not my dearest hope and wish. To become the best possible human being that I can possibly ever become is what I have in view. This is what I mean about Druidry nurturing such individuality, but it is not exclusive to it!

What drew me to Druidry to begin with was not its exclusivity of common traits within a Druidic community, BUT the way Druidry included everyone. It speaks to every condition, every path, every life and way of being, thinking, living or dying. Sure, on the surface we can enter into it through the external thingss I mentioned before ... like ritual, myth, celebration, earth-honouring, etc .... but these things are only tools in themselves. 

They are the moon reflecting the sun. The sun which is the heart of Druidry is not in what we as Druids all share in common as a spiritual community. No way. It goes wayyyyyyyy beyond that. Druidry reflects and speaks to that which makes us all HUMAN, and that is Druidry's real and ultimate value. That is for me Druidry's ultimate value. 

Druidry is merely one expression of humanity. Therefore, I think we should look BEYOND ourselves and our insular communities, to the bigger picture, to the greater world ... to the universe itself. That's where true Unity comes from. Not in Unity as a group, for group Unity is merely exclusivity. In the full spiritual and mystical sense,  Unity is EVERYTHING. 

Practically speaking, yes you can write down what you consider to be Druidic Values, but ultimately the deepest and truest Values of Druidry are universal truths which we cannot dare to lay claim to. We can only nod and point to them and reach out to others beyond the Druidic community who, like us, see the bigger picture. Philosophically speaking, you cannot write down in finite form everything. You cannot capture Life itself.

Druidry is one path into the Wayless Way, but ultimately we have to find that way on our own, through doubts and struggles, through practice and effort, trial and error ... I suppose that's what I mean then about Druidic Values. Druidry is not just one expression of humanity, but one expression of the Wayless Way that we are all ultimately seeking. The Wayless Way is more-than. That is what Druidry speaks to me of. 

Weirdly enough, I don't consider myself to be a Druid. I used to, but I don't now. I consider myself to be travelling the Wayless Way ... the Way of Life ... Druidry is just one important and relevant strand of that journey. It is not my destination at stated before. And heck, perhaps along the way, that's when one becomes a true Druid!

Yes, I am taking this discussion over the top and to the nth degree, but at the same time, even if you all go on to write this, please at least then open your hearts and eyes to that which is more-than-Druidic. Otherwise you will never be able to truly put in context or make it relevant. 

Druidry doesn't need romance or religion. It needs to be relevant.

Its relevence doesn't come from common druidic values, but from the values it shows us in the wider human and more-than-human world.  Don't think I can say it any clearer or in any other way.

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As an exercise in seeing what people come up with, that would be interesting, yes, but otherwise, I am dead against it. And I mean this from the very core of my being. I made my points clear on the Unity thread, but still feel actually like this is a rather ... impossible ... task.

For many 'Druids', they see the interconnecting thread as Celtic culture, taking their inspiration from the Celtic landscapes, dreamscapes and histories. While this is what Druidry is for me to an extent, this is not the case for all 'Druids'.

There is so much more to Druidry than Celtic-ness. 

There (for me anyway) is also Truth(s) inherent in what I personally think to be a Druid. Druidic values, as we are talking about,  do not restrict themselves to things like mind, mythology, science, liminality, priesthood, ritual, and here I must stress, even tribal or cultural coherance ....or anything else external. 

These Truths are internal, and evade description or labelling, because they come from that which is Other,  from beyond us yet also from within us. To me, it is more important that a 'Druid' be an individual who is honourable, ethical, honest, compassionate, fearless, etc etc etc whatever 'values' you equal with that which is higher and good, the best in all of us. 

I think though when you look at it like that, it is very hard to call those essentially 'Druidic', for they belong to anyone who seeks to grow,  mature and deepen, to become fully human and claim his true home in the world. 

By actually overtly outlining and stating certain 'declared' (even if agreed by every single so-called Druid out there!!!!) 'values', we would then be shifting value from our deeper,  greater place in the world and focusing on surface tenets, which in my opinion, are what easily become inflexible, dogmatic, dead. 

And the last thing I want to see is Druidry become a dogmatic shell .... the very reason I came to Druidry in the first place. 

I am sorry, my beloved friends and fellow walkers, but I can only see this endeavour if carried out to the full, bringing with it far greater consequences than we perhaps suppose. I prefer my Druidry to be feral and wild, like the Earth herself,  not tacking onto it values which are too constricting and taming.

I think what you are all really looking for is a Declaration of Common Druidic Characteristics (doesn't sound as nice though does it?!) .... in other words, you are looking for a way to express what is shared in common amongst those who call themselves 'Druids' .... at least that is what I can see from those of you who have shared what you see to be Druidic 'values'. You are describing common traits and common beliefs, but I think therefore they must be outrightly stated to be held in COMMON, not the rule. 


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A good idea that can bring people together if done right

I am interested in contributing to this since I think it will be a good idea to see what people see as being a common thread of values that we share. It serves some good purposes in my opinion:

  1. Bringing people together and supporting each other - We spend so much of time involved with our own groups that we run the risk of losing touch with others. While we are all diverse in our beliefs and practices, we all follow a "Druid" path as opposed to something else. It's good to focus on our similarities as well as our differences. Why not get together and forge a bond that can come with doing this type of activity together? Communities are often built that way, even if people are not all the same.
  2. Seeing beyond fears of "dogma" - One of the things I've noticed is that some people seem to have a fear of the words "values" or "ethics" because they feel those will become "dogma" and then that will turn into something many folks came onto this path to get away from: dogmatic institutions that try to tell people how to think, act or worship. Sharing common values does not need to infringe upon a person's autonomy.  Who knows, it might strengthen a person's confidence knowing that others on the path share some of the same values.
  3. A sense of who we are - Anyone can call him or herself a druid these days, but what is it that would make someone a druid as opposed to just another Joe on the street? What common values do we share that differentiate us from other paths? Sure, many values are shared by many paths, but what makes ours distinctly "Druid" as opposed to "Christian" or "Buddhist" or "Wiccan"?  For those Druid groups wanting to become legally recognized in their locale, they need to
    have a set of defining values in order to incorporate as a society or
    church.It might lend credence to those groups if the agencies they are applying to can see that Druids seem to hold certain things in regard rather than just being that fringe group of odd-balls who can't even agree upon their own common values. I'm not saying this is true for everyone, but I have talked to people involved in those decisions who have their reservations about "pagan groups" because they don't seem to have any shared values. It seem to be that these groups just make the rules up as they go along. This exercise might prove very helpful for those looking for that kind of recognition.

That said, I do recognize that we all have our differences and for something like this to work, I feel it must be non-partisan, unbiased and not overrun by any particular group or individual with grandiose visions of some sort of a new world order.

I commend the administrators of Druidic Dawn for bringing this up here. It's a difficult task which could go in a number of different directions. I've seen the discussions of world druid orders and such on message
boards and lists owned by certain groups for a few weeks now and I have
mixed feelings. For the record, I have no desire to be a part of any world order but I am certainly in favour of this type of collaboration, which I believe is long overdue.

Saille makes an excellent point in saying that we need to recognize that there are different "denominations" of Druids out there and that we do need to support each other within reason.  A council might be a good idea in the future, but I'd like to see us take this one step at a time. 

Before setting up councils and orders, let's see if we can come together to collaborate on this list of values first. 



Athelia Nihtscada

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Look at what we share...

I was not planning to comment until after the voting was completed, but it seems that discussion has already started.

I see enormous value in any group that can define Druidry in a way that includes and supports the diverse range of interpretations and practices which exist today.

I know that I would like to focus on practicing my path, serving my community and honouring my ancestors instead of spending my time justifying, rationalizing and defending my right to call my spiritual path Druidry.

I know that I share the values/focus that Morgaine describes in her post. I know that I share many other values with most, if not all, people who are pursuing a Druidic path regardless of their conceptualization of deity and their views on ritual/liturgy.

I know that any group may call themselves the "World Druid Order" , any group may declare that they hold the secret to what Druidry may be, and any group may declare that Druids must adhere to a set of rules, values, or beliefs. Ultimately the groups that do not represent Druids will fade into oblivion. A group that does will gain a following and will be legitimized by that following.

"The differences in belief and practice and level of interest in source cultures varies wildly and so do our values. We range from Recons to New Age with very different values for each sort. "

I do agree that there is a vast difference between groups and this includes their values. I would prefer to focus on what values we share rather than on what values we do not share. No one in a group holds exactly the same value system as any other individual in a group. What defines the group is the value system or interests that people in it do share. Moving from the shared values of a New Age group to one that also shares values with Recons will simply mean that some of my values are not defined as "Druidic Values". This does not necessarily mean that I must abandon those values, change my values or redefine my path.

I am in! Assuming that the process is not hijacked by a personal or political agenda that wishes to focus on limiting inclusivity, I see tremendous possibilites here!


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Not suggesting that this

Not suggesting that this works in a legal-style way, but from experience of the law, I'd suggest that the more complicated you make any statement, the more scope there is for interpriting it differently and catching people out/getting hung up on Definitions.

Our grove would be interested in contributing to a set of simple Druidic values - not complicated in nature and not exhaustive, but a simple statment such as: "As Druids we hold the protection of our natural environment as sacred" - as an example. Most would agree to things like that anyway.

The point of this excerscise is to establish shared ground and in doing so, create a more unified face for the world. No-one said the wording has to be complex in nature or indeed restricting. Just a guideline to give others (and indeed those new to Druidry/looking for guidance) something to fall back on.

What do you think?

CalonDdraig - for and on behalf of Cylch Blodeuwedd

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Depends really

I have seen so many times recently where a discussion begins on defining Druid values,

or what it means to be a Druid but ends really being an attempt by reconstructionists to

define non-reconstructionists as "not Druid."  I don't understand why this has to be such

a crusade for them, except that they tend to be a lot more conservative (politically) than 

we "treehugging hippy" type Druids are. 


My suggestion would be for each group to declare their own values, and their own 

definitions for themselves, 


mynt - Redwood Eagle /|\

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I will be interested to see

I will be interested to see what people create, but really can't see this being more than an academic exercise. Why shluld anyone outside of this community subscribe to such a set of values? And who in their right mind wants a world druid organisation?

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Yes, We Need to Agree on a Set of Shared Druidic Values

I agree with Saille. The time for this has come and the need is there. I am also partial to the idea of rotations (in my case, for both locations and council members), since this is something that is part of our own form of Druidry, and I think it serves well to help preserve a sense of equality amongst the participants on any Council.

I feel that we should work towards stating the basic set of "Druidic" values we all share -- and I have no doubt we do share at least some. If we don't, then the term "Druid" loses all objective meaning. I recently shared my basic definition of what a Druid is with a Seeker on another Forum. They had been reading the ADF and OBOD sites, along with some by smaller groups, and what they came away with was this: That these groups were related in name only. Based on the 25 respones that appeared in the first 24 hours agreeing with the initial writer, I would say that, like it or not, this issue needs to be addressed and it cannot be dictated by just one person or group. Therefore, we must all come to agreement on what a Druidic value is, and which ones we all hold in common. My own basic definition follows:

In my view, Druids share...

  • A basis in a common ancestral worldview (Pre-Celtic/Celtic culture, language, story cycles, mysticism, sacred landscapes, etc.) which, while it may be adapted to the needs of the present retains an identity that is recognisable from one practitioner or group to another.
  • A focus on promoting diversity, religious and cultural tolerance, good stewardship of the planet, healing, and soul "midwifery".
  • Practices which
    prepare both individuals and groups to reach a state of wholeness and
    an experience of themselves as integral to the fabric of Creation, intimately connected to everything and being within it.
  • A reverence for the ancestors and a Pantheistic
    and/or Polytheist philosophy towards deity, rooted in a collaborative
    relationship with Spirit in all its forms.
  • A focus on issues
    pertaining to Self-empowerment and Sovereignty, and the teaching of
    tools that will help individuals and groups to recognise and attain
  • Verification of theories and inspired insights through a process of research that balances academic with intuitive processes.
  • A willingness to continue learning, including the willingness to admit when we may be wrong and adapt our "facts" and teachings accordingly.

When I wrote this it was not with the intention that it should be taken as "the" set of values by which all Druids live -- and I agree. We should all be willing to allow things to evolve and grow as we do. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to articulate our basic values.

I must admit to being a bit biased on this topic. If "Druidry" as a spiritual path actually exists as anything other than fantasy role-playing, then there must be some basic values by which it is guided. Otherwise, we are just "making it up as we go along" and for all intents and purposes there is no such thing as "Druidry". I do not believe that "Druidry can be whatever I want it to be." I believe that idea robs Druidry of its inherent integrity -- integrity it inherits not from us, but from its originators. We are their inheritors, and as such as have certain responsibilities to remain true to the heart of what "Druidry" is... and if we cannot articulate what that is, how can we be true to it?... If we can articulate what that is then we can eventually agree upon a shared set of values -- not all values of all Druid groups everywhere, but all the values that we all share in common, however many or few that might be.

I realise that my definition will not be everyone's, and that my views on this will not be everyones -- and I look forward to reading all of your thoughts on this!





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Everytime I turn around

Everytime I turn around someone is reinventing something and stamping the Pagan/Druid/Wiccan label on it.  For the love of nature just let things happen for awhile before you change it around to something new, again.  I haven't been in Druidry more than forteen years and I can count almost twenty reformations and "articles of Druidry" that are ammended before the pen is put to paper.  Just stop the organizing and start living the path and be happy with whatever naturally changes about it after some experience.

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Druid Values

I am out on the fringes of Druidry.  At this stage I have no idea what Druidic values might be and more importantly how they might differ from any Earth centred organisation.  I look forward to learning from this project.




The Bear - when being human becomes too too much.

"there is a underlying

"there is a underlying constant and undeniable truth in what Druidry represents"

Really? The differences in belief and practice and level of interest in source cultures varies wildly and so do our values. We range from Recons to New Age with very different values for each sort. 

Who are we to Declare anything?

Sure we can point to Truth/Fírinne, and then go on to speak of Reverence, Courage, and Generosity, and a respect for the environment, but those qualities are not uniquely druidic, and plenty of self-proclaimed druids do not has sufficient knowledge of their source cultures to say what is or is not appropriate. 

Furthermore, and from the other side of this argument, I think we need to think carefully before being so presumptuous as to think that *one group* has the ability or the right to generically declare what "Druidic Values" are. If folks what to make a declaration of OBOD values, or ADF values, or Druidic Dawn values then have at it. But for a limited party to declare what others should value, or to have party A tell party B what values they should hold in order to hold on to a label that is only loosely connected to the priesthood from which it has been taken strikes me as morally problematic and politically untenable.

 All the best,


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A Council for all Druids

 Con and all:

  I agree with Mhaille in that the way for this to work and be acceptable to all parties is for each group to define and retain its own beliefs and practices. That way we can meet as a Council of equals and work together to create larger projects such as pan-Druidic conferences in hotels and camps, landscape preservation, community farming, building sacred sites on the land, etc etc and any other large scale project that no one group can achieve on its own.

  I'd love to see a rotating Druid Council meeting in every country, in the east, south, west, north and center. That would give Druids from every bio-region the opportunity to attend. Even if we all just reported on what we were doing within our Orders it would be worth it to do this. In ancient times the Druids of Britain met every four years (probably in Wales) and Druids from the Continent and other areas came to the meetings as well. This implies that there must have been at least some mutual standards, practices and beliefs at work. I think we have matured to the point where we can hopefully do something similar.

  There is a huge gap between the tenets of Celtic Reconstructionism and New Age "Druidry". Neither group is going to fully accept the beliefs of the other. We need to accept that we have Druidic denominations and get on with the task of supporting each other. (The only people or groups that should be excluded in my opinion are those with a proven history of violence against persons, animals or the sacred land, we do have to have SOME limits!)

 Saille  (Co-Chief Order of the Whiteoak, Ord na Darach Gile)


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Based on the premise that we

Based on the premise that we need to keep this generic in nature, I agree that this is a wonderful idea, and I support it whole heartedly.

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Re: A world druid order exists...


Thanks for the post and the link, but I think this is different from what we all as a community need, which is something that is completely independent of all groups or orders. I'm not implying that they, along with any other groups have opinions that are not open to others but if we are going to find a way for us all to work together for the common good then if needs to be something that is seperate but at the same time inclusive to all. Any such group needs to serve the community as a whole.

Pob hwyl,


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Just to reply to my previous

Just to reply to my previous post in brief:

My reason for suggestion we wait for the poll to run its month's course is not just because it might be considered rude to start making plans on a decision that really hasn't been taken yet, but also that it gives a month to alert all who can be persueded to take part in this process to do so, so we can all get together on a leval playing field as as were and share input on this properly.

Hope no-one misunderstood my pointsUndecided


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Just a thought... mightn't

Just a thought... mightn't it be better to leave this discussion untill the poll has run its course? Then discuss things when we know where we stand. Making plans one day into a poll of people's opinions is rather rude.

Let's see where this takes us first, then discuss properly.


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I think there can be found a skeleton framework that doesn’t injure anyones individual views ~ no matter what religion they are or were.

I would begin at the beginning and work my way from there e.g. the awen and the awens. I would say that where infinity can be seen as ‘everythingness’ all put into one bucket and blended until it is so fine it has a value of ‘0’ [not nothing], then this is a philosophical description of universal origin. After that all things including the big bang are expressions of that.

Its not so simple of course, it has taken 16 billion years for intellect to arrive in our little part of the universe. And yet we need a far more incredible intellect for the big bang! And it must exist prior to that. Yet it is not an intellect like ours, it is more like a map or blue print + mind/being/life/tao/maat as one thing indefinable in its parts.


1. The awen. It can be described in many ways but we only need to think or it as the source yes?

2. The qualia of mind. Basically that we have mind and it goes beyond science. From this the otherworld as a non physical yet real place can emerge.

3. Science, Druidry should accept science as a basis but also question it?

4. Liminality. I think we should bag this one as ours lols. It describes our spirituality and how physical and mental places link to the spiritual side of things. It also shows us how a druidic hierarchy should work I.e. epicentral rather than centralising.


that’s just some ideas, but I think Druidry is about the whole so we should have a naturalised view and a philosophical one. In my mind one goes hand in hand with the other, I cannot see political or other issues without a druidic philosophical basis.



Encourage Friends, Family, anyone interested in Druidry to vote

I encourage everyone to vote, and inform friends, family and colleagues who are practising Druids, or are looking to follow the Druid Pathway to vote and enter their comments.

Druidic Dawn is providing a service to all who consider the proponents of Druidry as an important factor of their lives. I see that Druidic Dawn welcomes everyone from all over the world, no matter ethnicity, creed, denomination, faith, age, male or female, all are considered valued companions and are treated with the highest respect .

Thus I also see Druidic Dawn humbly offering an opportunity for you (the reader) and me to share our own individual opinions, not necessarily on behalf of our colleagues.

Con's commentary shows there is a need for everyone to recognise there is a underlying constant and undeniable truth in what Druidry represents, and his open offer to combine efforts demonstrates how fellow Druids can help one another, and yet stay faithful to their individual methods of practising Druidry.

Many would consider me naive, and I would admit I'm certainly uneducated in the detail of many Druid rituals, practices, etc. However in my heart and being I perceive an absolute certainty that what surrounds me within all elements of nature, time and space affords respect, caring and if possible understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to read my commentary, and I will be looking forward to what others have to say.

“I speak with but simple words, for in truth simplicity is all we really are”

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A world druid order exists...


I am a member of the World Druid Order and I post the following in the hope that many see its value. I cant answer questions as there is a person who is appointed to do so. The two links below are to my website and both translations have been approved for publication. Please make your inquiries to lo skiant at the address given below.



“Union of Conforming Conventional Orders within the Druidic Tradition”
This Holy Council of Sages is constituted of Arch Druids as representatives of their respective Orders. Its constitution is the guarantee of Druidic Spiritual unity and as such it represents the value and the regularity of the present regular state of Druid. This Holy Council of Sages forms the indisputable representation of the World Druid Order. It connects and unites the Druids of the European and World Sacerdocy in a recognized regular sacerdotal condition. It ensures the renewal and regularity of the Charter of the World Druid Order, while watching for rigorous respect to the Druid Tradition.
More at


We now attempt to make you a part of our efforts with regard to the edification of an international structure having for its goal the idea to unite the various groupings of regular initiatic traditions on our respectful planet of the Primordial Tradition, in order to assure a harmonious transition of the contemporary dominant culture toward a just culture for all to come.
More at

Contact -
C/O Ordre Druidique d’Arvernia,
12, avenue Jean Jaurés
63200 Mozac, FRANCE  - This is website of the World Druid Order - We are an order and a philosophical initiatic brotherhood. Our aim is to use every good thing that can help human beings towards awareness and the recovery of both sovereignty and legitimate dignity, whilst extending the field of consciousness and restoring knowledge of both origins and environment. 

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I for one think this is a

I for one think this is a very good idea... although of course I have my own ideas about it. That said they'll wait till we know what others think!