Over the Dragons Back

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What This Image Means To Me...: This was taken from a view point of a Dragon line(ley line) that runs along the mountain ridge and out across the open valley below and onward to the next set of ridges. It has such a spiritual and powerful feeling. It is one of the stronger lines within the oldest mountains in the world.

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I would start here.  http://archive.org/details/earlybritishtrac00watkuoft

From Alfred Watkins the man that first put it all together!

Early British trackways : moats, mounds, camps, and sites (1922)

Although he did not see Magick or special power in them (Publicly anyway). It is still a great place to start on the Straight of the Ley!

Moon Rising


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Re: Over the Dragons Back


Where is this place? And what should I read to learn the basic of ley lines?

 Thank you.