Leap of faith

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What This Image Means To Me...: This was wonderful to stand within the line and take this picture. This view fits with the picture over the dragons back. i had to climb down and hold on to a near by maple to take the picture of the point. This point is where the Dragon line (ley line) shoots across and out over the valley. The pure energy of the line was warm and inviting but i could only stand within it for a short period of time. Oddly enough my batteries in my camera that was now blinking saying they needed changing, came up fully charged by the time i climbed back up to the top.

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This picture was taken

This picture was taken around the appalachian mountains in an area they call the smokey mountiains. This mountain that i have found the lines running along is called wonderfully enough. Star Mountain.

Interesting picture

Interesting picture, where was it taken?