Star Dancer

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Author: Beth Webb

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

ISBN Number: 978-1-4050-9175-6

Publication Date: 2006

Reviewed by: Eadha Deora


Although a work of modern fiction for children, the story of Tegen, the prophecied Star Dancer, reads like a lyrical bardic tale, fit for all ages, from about 13 to 103. The main thrust of the story is about the young girl Tegen, born under very special astronomical events, to mortal parents but with an immortal task ahead of her. She is not a willing heroine, but as she delves deeper into the secrets of her soul, she learns a magic even deeper than the arts of the Druids, the magic of the Star Dancer. This is an initiation tale, how Tegen transforms from girl to woman, as she follows the dangerous path she is destined to walk in order tosave her people and the Druids from dark destruction.

I found the writing and plot entirely compelling and touching, even downright heartbreaking at places. There is a weaving, dancing quality to the words, and is one of those excellent books that you can get absorbed into but finish in a couple sessions. I would particularly recommend this book to girls going through puberty or in their teens or early 20s, because it is very much a heroine's journey, as opposed to a hero's journey. At the same time though, it is not overly 'girly', so boys would probably enjoy it too,  and would possibly benefit them, to see things more from a girl's perspective.

I do believe that Beth Webb is pagan or druidic, as the dedication at the front of the book is to Bruce Johnstone-Lowe of the British Druid Order. Unlike some fiction authors I have read, Beth Webb's mythical creations work well on a psychological and spiritual level, and all her characters are strong archetypal figures that resonate deeply with the psyche. 

This is a story about initiation, transformation, calling, sacrifice and magic that comes from the heart--Love. 


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