Unity and Diversity - Along the Druid Path

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Unity and Diversity – Along the Druid Path


Within the great cauldron of druidry there are many themes, beliefs and energies which constantly flow together, forming and reforming, and then separating again. They overlap - even at times merging in places (for a while), but always stirring in the cauldron always dynamic, always changing.


Just so do we also change and grow. As we walk the path so we make new, and renew, our questions and answers about our personal contacts. Contacts such as our relationships with each other, with the Awen, the land, our tribe, our ancestors and so on.  


As we learn a little more of one aspect of these ideas so our view and understanding of the others, and how they work together, also changes. As these are dynamic then it should come as no surprise that so too is the energy of druidry; Alive – dynamic – vital – untamed – informative – sustaining – healing – and so the list goes on. Just so do we find that each grove is different, that it reflects the inspiration of its members and leaders, and yet is still united in the spirit of druidry. 


The thing is that druidry never seeks to truly blend, to become a homogenous whole, to become one. That is the way of organised, structural, dogmatic religion and we belong to the old way, the wild way, as different as the many faces of the land and the gods and goddesses that bless it. Yet also we come here now seeking to use this old way to inform and guide us to a new understanding, a new level of relationship. 


I think the future of druidry is assured as long as individuals are prepared and able to do the work on and with themselves and not to be overly led by others. Guided yes, but guided in the right way, guided to discover their personal pathways. In doing this we, as druids, will always find points of commonality, of connection with each other that do not compromise our own emerging core connection and belief. Rituals, gorsedd, eisteddfod, the dear old talking stick, these ways of joining that allow us to celebrate our unique views, our unique talents and insights; allow us to be inspired and informed, without ever attempting to force a single view or belief. In fact quite the opposite in my experience!!!


So if the emphasis and responsibility for walking the path through the beautiful druid forest lies primarily with the individual what then the role of the elders, the ones who have come to a deeper understanding in some way? Well, it is for them to maintain and increase the flow and quality of materials, experiences and inspirations that will fire the imagination and interest of the future druids, without being overly directive or prescriptive. Whether this is through story, poem, by serving as grove leaders, or simply by the example of their own lives. At the same time always being aware that their own path is still there to be trodden, that there are no endings, only changes and new opportunities, like the forest - always constant yet ever changing, ever seeking new growth and expression.


As for national / international leaders – I think these emerge naturally, druidically, and are actually all around us, on the book shelves, in the workshops, in our meditations etc. Let those who promote themselves into these roles be judged by their words and deeds and by their motives and methods. One of the measures of a druid is the choices they make in who and what they support and why, and who and what they do not. I do not believe that druidry needs to be charismatic and therefore does not need charismatic leadership. It works best, in my opinion, locally, knowledgeably, patiently and in a personal relationship between the land and its deeper energies, and our own ever growing inner awareness which feeds and impacts on our outer life in a magical and fulfilling way.


Shaun William Hayes    July 2009


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