Dinas Gynfor


What This Image Means To Me...: View looking over Hells Mouth Bay onto Dinas Gynfor, which takes in part of the northern coastal path around Ynys Mon or Anglsesy. Local oral tradition indicate this Iron Age Hill Fort is where the last stand was made by Druids against the Romans. Although this may not be found in any history book as everything concentrates along the Menai Straight. Its certainly is some food for thought.

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  The vividness of the


The vividness of the colours that day were astounding and magical .... they do sort of come across in the picture. I wish I could paint landscapes because if I could capture those colours and the quality of light and openness and pure clarity, then I would look at that painting every day and feel happy to be alive.

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What a lovely day we had on

What a lovely day we had on that walk; a great chance for the grove to come together informally to explore and share some time together, and also come together in honouring this place. The ritual we did was very meaningful and I thank Gwyn for his words in Welsh... he said what me heart wished to express through language. 

...Dan ni yma o hyd yng Nhgymru!