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Hello good Folk,

We are currently looking for someone (preferably from the Southern Hemisphere) who would be interested in helping coordinate certain aspects of the Aontacht Newsletter, in regards to the Southern Hemisphere.

At the moment, in particular, this means someone who can make sure that there are submissions that are seasonally appropriate for the Southern Hemisphere. The reason for this is because at the moment, the majority of the Aontacht Team lives and practices in the Northern Hemisphere, therefore we get a strong focus there. Poetry, recipes and other such things are drawn from Northern seasons and festivals. We/I am looking to address this balance. 

If you think you could possibly help in this way ... it's only 4 times a year, and needn't be time consuming. 

If in turn you think you could regularly submit seasonal recipes, poetry or articles ... please please let us know!!! You can email us at

Thank you deeply,

~Jenn / Eadha Deora





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