The Path of The Blue Raven

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Author: Mark Townsend

Publisher: O Books

ISBN Number: 9781846942389

Publication Date: November 2009

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“The Revolution Begins Here!” Phil Rickman

'Mark Townsend is a priest at the edge! The place where new ideas and new understandings are formed is always at the edge. It is a place that institutions, because they demand conformity to the institution, cannot go. But it’s always there, out on the edges that new thinking, new imaginings, new dreams happen.'  
Revd. Peter Owen-Jones (BBC’s Around the World in 80 Faiths)

Revd. Mark Townsend served as a C of E priest for over ten years. However his love / hate relationship with organized religion came to a head in June 2007 when he resigned from full time ministry to work as a magician and spiritual writer. While still an ordained member of the Church he now also follows a more Nature-Based spiritual path and feels that we can learn much from our pre-Christian Celtic ancestors. The Path of The Blue Raven is thus the story of a struggling man who all his life has wrestled with questions, searched for meaning and discovered it in unexpected places. The book also includes some breath-taking, real-life accounts of others who have found great healing and blessing through Earth-Based Wisdom; among them a Christian Bishop, an International Bestselling Novelist, a Native American Artist and a US Navy sailor (who’s an ex-Catholic Monk!)


I enjoyed it very much! Cherie Blair

I LOVED it. I loved the writing and the style. It’s his best yet.

Drew McAdam, The Interrogator from TV’s Trisha show

I started this book expecting to skim it and found myself reading every page. It is a wonderful quest romance, a story about the nature of religion, magic, England, modernity and many other things as well. Professor Ronald E Hutton.

The Path of the Blue Raven is an extraordinary spiritual journey. It is his uncompromising honesty that has opened him to the deep flowing currents of mind and spirit. A book that will speak to the hearts of many. Revd. Simon Small, author of From the Bottom of the Pond

When I read The Path of The Blue Raven I immediately wanted to go out and buy 5 copies to give as gifts for my friends who will definitely recognize the struggles. I love it. It’s so authentic!
Damian Carr, Secretary of the Druid Order of White Oak

You can't imprison the Spirit in a box or a book or a religion for that matter. It finds a way to break free. The Path of The Blue Raven is a pilgrimage to true spiritual wisdom. There is a hidden music in this world and it is there for all to hear and heed. Mark Townsend followed this music and because he did he found keys that unlocked and opened doors of beauty and enchantment. David Carson, co-creator of Medicine Cards

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