Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom

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Author: Erynn Rowan Laurie

Publisher: Megalithica Books

ISBN Number: 978-1905713028

Publication Date: July 2007

Reviewed by: Elkie


Several reviews have already been written about this book and all of them praised it.  This review is more of the same.  Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom is a profound and generous work – it offers much – yet is not a smorgasbord of loosely connected ideas.  Indeed there’s a strong theme resonating throughout the book.  In the author’s own words: “My take on ogam…is based on language and the possible original meanings of the letter names”.  It is the power of words and what can be created with them that is emphasized in this book.  

Tree correspondences are mentioned only where they match one of the meanings of the word.  Some word ogams omit tree correspondences and likewise, these are omitted in this book.  Intelligent conclusions have been drawn about the possible meaning of each ogam fid.  Weaving Word Wisdom is a fresh approach to the magical alphabet that was used by the Celtic people of Ireland.  It specializes in divination from a Celtic Reconstructionist’s point of view and uniquely, offers three different categories of experience that can be applied to interpreting the ogam feda.  Each of these has a rough correspondence to a realm (land, sea, and sky) and a cauldron (Goiriath, Érmai, and Sofhis).  This effectively separates the interpretation of each fid into three currents of meaning and manifestation, allowing the practitioner of divination the option of choosing the current most relevant to the query and querent.  It also contains ideas for ways that each fid may be applied to healing but another work is being planned to cover this topic in depth.  

You’ll learn much about the Celtic worldview from reading this book and come away with some real ways that you can apply this to your own way of working with the Ogam.  Although rooted in Celtic scholarship by the likes of Calder, Meroney, and McManus, Ms Laurie acknowledges that meanings can grow organically from their traditional roots.  There’s information on ways to create your own ogam feda and ways to empower them.  You’ll find basic ways to cast a divination and advanced techniques too.  There’s a healing ritual and a meditation technique, also founded in Celtic lore.  

Even if you are inclined to challenge the premise that the Ogam began in Ireland with the coming of the Celts, you will not be disappointed by what you find in this book.  Weaving Word Wisdom contains a wealth of information for everyone who is interested in this enigmatic ‘pathway’.  The personal journey of each practitioner is unique and fascinating and we are fortunate that Erynn Rowan Laurie has shared her journey with the Ogam so openly and generously. 

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Thanks for your kind words EadhaDeora. I appreciate what you do as well.

Bright Blessings,

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5 out of 5

Excellent review, Elkie. I have always wondered what this book was about, and now I feel I have a fairly good idea of both the nature and the spirit behind the book. Definitely on my list to get! 5 out of 5 for a good review. Hope you have other reviews to share as this one was just right. :) Thank you.